Steve Steinman’s Office Rockdown

Steve Steinman's Office rockdown logo

‘Office Rock Down’ the new TV show going out on YouTube this summer.  The man behind the idea is critically acclaimed singer and show producer Steve Steinman known for his hit touring theatre shows.

The idea was borne out of lock down as like everyone else I have spent many hours staring at the tv and with a lack of musical content I decided to broadcast my own theatre shows on YouTube, the response has been phenomenal.   I realised there was a massive gap in the market for a music style show.  I know so many great singers and performers who just don’t get the opportunity to showcase their talents on TV, so I thought it was time to change this. Steve has channelled his skills into producing a TV style, fast moving, fun music show, all set in his own office. The show will feature a live band, guest singers and interviews with Steve who will host the 5 part series. 

The show will be recorded taking into consideration social distancing and any other government guidelines. Launching in August on the Steve Steinman TV YouTube Channel.