Vampires Rock is a great night of entertainment

26th March, 2019
by Allan Jones

I don’t know how he does it. Baron Von Rockula has been on the go for over 300 years and here he is still putting on a great show and rocking with the best of them. 


Although the premise of the show is still the same, vampire meets girl, introduce love rival, battle to the death (or not), everyone goes home happy, there are always enough changes to make it worth coming back time after time. The biggest change on this tour is the introduction of Sam Bailey as the Vampire Queen, wife to the Baron and love rival of the innocent Roxie who wanders into the vampires clutches.
Over the years I have been watching this show the cast have just got better and better at delivering the full on rock numbers that drive the evening along but there is no doubt that Sam brings that touch of extra power that adds to the vocal delivery of some of the greatest rock numbers ever written.
The band are as good as ever, and with the addition of a new bass player belting out Suzi Quatro, they keep the night driving along at that non-stop pace that makes this just as much a full on rock gig as a rock musical. The dancers are full of energy and do a great job of transferring that to the crowd who are as vocal and full of life as ever.
Steve Steinman as the Baron and his not-so trusty sidekick Bosley keep the show together and co-ordinate the delivery of a great night of entertainment. The standard never slips and makes this a show that is worthy of repeat visits, and with the possibility of another three hundred years there should be plenty of those!


Allan Jones