Vampires Rock: The Ghost Train Review

7th November, 2017
Grand Opera House York – 2 November 2017. Reviewed by Michelle Richardson


Steve Steinman, writer, director and main character, has revamped this rock musical which played in York this week and is touring the UK right into next year.

This is the first time that I had been to see Vampires Rock but I had heard great things about it. Earlier this year I did go and see Iconic, another one of his shows, and unfortunately, I was disappointed. I was so hoping I would not feel the same about this show, but didn’t hold out much hope. I am so glad to say that my fears were unfounded, this show was fab.

Vampires Rock tells the tale of Baron von Rockula and his vampires taking refuge in an old fairground’s Ghost Train. He is after a new virginial wife after the death of his Pandora and orders his faithful sidekick Bosley (John Evans) to find him one, enter Roxy Honeybox (Hayley Russell). We see her being seduced by the Baron and his band of sexy vampires, whilst being pursued by Van Halensing (nod to the vampire hunter and the famous rockband rolled into one).

The excellent band, The Lost Boys, take us through tracks from Queen, AC/DC, Meat Loaf, Journey, Guns n Roses, Van Halen of course, plus many more. They are on stage the whole time, at different levels, rocking the whole theatre with such skill. When Steinman sings his first Meat Loaf cheers can be heard from the audience, obviously they’ve been here before. Steinman first foray into the entertainment business was as Meat Loaf in Stars in their Eyes, more than 25 years ago.

Both Hayley Russell and Penny Jones give strong vocal performances, including Holding out for a Hero, and Don’t Stop Believin’.

Evans is a perfect sidekick to Steinman, their banter provides such comedy, and it is sure a sight to behold when he strips off to reveal zebra print leggings with blue pvc pants on top.

The plot is a bit pants to be honest, but that is not what this show is all about. It’s about a rock concert, a vampire pantomime rock concert to be more exact. It is full of really cheesy, corny jokes and great interaction with the audience, a lot of it’s behind you, and oh no it isn’t can be heard. By the end of show the whole audience were up singing and dancing, you couldn’t help not to.

A fun, exciting show with a great atmosphere that you can get involved with. As long as you don’t go expecting to see a play, or musical theatre, and love a cheesy, fun rock concert, that doesn’t take itself too seriously you will not be disappointed. I loved it and can’t wait to go again next year.